The sediment was an impediment for the barge which was large.
沉积 的 东西 给 大 拖驳 带来 了 障碍.
Chen2ji1 de dong1xi gei3 da4 tuo1bo2 dai4lai2 le zhang4ai4.


Person #1
第 一 人
di4 yi1 ren2
“[Would you] like to go for a hike?”
“Ni3 xiang3 yao4 tu2bu4 lu¨3xing2 ma1?”
你 想 要 徒 步 旅 行 吗

Person #2
第 二 人
di4 er4 ren2
“No thanks, I´d like to ride my bike.
Bu4 xie4xie ni3 wo3 xiang3yao4 qi2zi4 xing2 che1.
不 谢 谢 你 ,我 想 要 骑 自 行 车

玛 丽 说:
“Do you have a cousin?” 约 翰 说 “Do I have a cousin ? I have at least dozen.”
玛 丽 说:
“Do you have a nephew?” 约 翰 说 “In fact I have a few.”

Your gardens are an inspiration
They germinate in me a most delightful sensation.

MDBG Chinese-English dictionary

Josh says:”Mom, wash the squash.”
Mom says:”No! By gosh Josh, I´d prefer that you wash the squash.”

Josh says:” Mom, wash the squash.”
Mom says:” No! By gosh Josh I´d prefer that you defer and wash the squash.”

People washing squash,I see them in my dreams. I have a squash fixation it seems.

You can’t see me because I’m behind the tree.
You can´t see me because I´m hiding behind the tree.
You can´t see me because the tree has absorbed me.
Don’t let your dog pee on my tree!
Don´t let your dog pee on my favorite tree! That´s naughty.
Don´t push me into the bush.
In a breeze trees move as they please.